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About the Flowers



The health of our planet is of utmost importance to me. Sadly, the alternative to local  organic flowers, are flowers which are  forced to grow out of season in hothouses, genetically modified for long stems and longevity in a vase, chemically fertilized, sprayed with pesticides, dipped in fungicide, then over packed, and shipped in planes and trucks all over the world. The mainstream floral industry violates ethical codes for fair treatment of workers, and is a gross polluter. This is well documented, however little known, and is the unfortunate reality for almost all flowers we come in contact with at the grocery store, and at most florists. While these flowers are still beautiful, and deserve respect, for my own health, the health of our customers, and the health of the planet, I choose not to work with these flowers on a regular basis.


At Jens Garden by the Sea, we offer fresh flowers grown in rich coastal soil. The natural, fragrant flowers bathe in  starlight, fog, sun and rain. They are at home with birds, bugs and bees, and are a part of healthy, seasonal eco-systems. They are planted, tended, loved, and cut by friends, neighbors, and small farms in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties. The farmers are well paid, and love their work. It is a joy to work with these healthy blooms. There is little waste, no packaging, way less carbon footprint and no chemicals. I feel  good about delivering flowers which boost health and vitality for the planet, as well as for our customers, who are safe to bury their noses in a bouquet and take a deep healthy breath in, no harm done.


Garden flowers may look a bit different than the ones one may see on a mainstream florists website. The stems are sometimes shorter, or crooked, the bouquets are wilder and may look more like an actual garden does. Designing with garden flowers is more improvisational which I love, as I never really know what my farmers are going to bring me. These days, due to unusual climate activity, things are very unpredictable, therefore, it is even more of an improvisational flower dance. The farmers are knowledgeable, and have an intimate relationship with each bloom, as they  have raised the flowers from seed, or bulb. They cut at the best time to insure the longest vase life once the flower leaves their farm.

All this said, I do remain flexible, and I may choose to source flowers from flower markets for special events, or special orders. In these cases, I will always look for and buy the most eco friendly flowers I can. 


Having flowers and plants in your home or office  has  been proven to increase creativity and productivity, help you focus and sleep, increase energy and clean the air! Horticultural therapy is an ancient healing modality. Flowers increase the body’s ability to heal, improve mood, lower blood pressure, etc. etc. flowers are a magical gift to cherish, behold, and ponder. Thank you for reading. 

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